Our approach

Step 1: Safety

With a Dutch nursery or kindergarten class in mind, the first time you visit a Day Care Center is a big change. Usually this is a simple building. One space for all children from 0 to 6. No furniture, no toys or teaching materials. Often not even running water … With our help, first of all a fence has been erected around the grounds, so that the children are safe and it stays clean. We also integrate resistance training and games in the daily routine, to make the children more resistant to abuse.

Step 2: nutrition & hygiene

Healthy nutrition and good hygiene are literally of vital importance here. That’s why we providence a vegetable garden and food tunnel, so that the children get a nutritious meal and a good breakfast at least once a day. Children with malnutrition are given an intensive treatment, which works well. Just as important as healthy food is a good water supply. Not only for the vegetable garden, but useful for better hygiene. The hygiene rules are taught in a playful manor and form an important part of the day program.

Step 3: professionalize

Once the basic conditions for a safe and healthy environment have been with, we invest in the quality of the reception. Where necessary, a kitchen will be built, the ‘long drops’ in the ground will be replaced by real flushing toilets “and we will expand the shelter with a second classroom and an infirmary. But we won’t make it with only material things. To be bootable to operate independently as a shelter, we also need knowledge. That is why we also invest in education and training for the headmaster, the supporters and the gardeners. Ranging from financial management to healthy cooking.

Step 4: financial independence

Once the preconditions are in place, we help the Bambanani schools to apply for a structural annual subsidy. This Grant from the Social Development Department in South-Africa makes it possible to stand on one’s own two feet financially. In order to qualify for a Grant, the school must meet specific criteria, like a solid building, the presence of good sanitary facilities, a kitchen, a vegetable garden and an infirmary.

Step 5: (not just) letting go

If a school is so well equipped that they receive a Grant, our financial support is no longer necessary. But we do not just let them go. Because in order to continuously to receive the Grant schools must continuously meet the quality criteria of the Social Development Department. To maintain that level, ‘our’ schools have access to the Bambanani network of local experts.

Our goal

  • Safe and healthy base
  • Self-sufficient
  • Reception and acceptance of disabled people
  • Strucutral local solution

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Knowledge & Special projects

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Accompany

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Material support

  • Outdoor design
  • Vegetable gardens and food tunnels
  • (Re)construction of school buildings
  • Water tanks
  • Clothing, toys and teaching materials

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