Update Covid19 in South Africa

29 January 2022

If we look at the infection figures, South Africa scores a lot lower than the Netherlands. Officially, less than 6% of the 60 million South Africans are or have been infected with the corona virus. When it comes to death rates, the picture is exactly the opposite. The chance of dying from a corona infection is much higher in South Africa than in the Netherlands. Most of the population is still unvaccinated. Even less positive is that the people in…

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Full of good courage ahead!

07 January 22

A brief look back at 2021 tells us that Covid19 has disrupted many things in South Africa, especially when it […]

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Fun Fudura action

29 December 21

In 2021, all Fudurians received a beautiful card on their birthday. And who’s birthday, treats! For every birthday card sent, […]

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Super proud of the AFAS Education Center

03 December 21

Despite all the COVID struggles, storms and heavy rainfall in 2021, we succeeded. The Bambanani Education Center & Home Base […]

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Wool wanted!

04 November 21

We are so happy with ‘our’ grandmothers from the Zonnebloem in Berghem! They knit hundreds of hats for the Bambanani […]

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Major concerns over third wave

22 July 21

On Sunday evening, July 4, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation. The third wave has South Africa in its grip. […]

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Hooray, a generous gift!

28 June 21

We were called this week. Whether Bambanani was interested in 2,000 ‘father and son’ swimming trunks. We didn’t have to […]

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