Fortunately, we see more and more that the business adopt of CSR programs. How beautiful it is to see that employees may take time to socially contribute. And, more and more companies establish their own Foundations to contribute a different way in Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

The Bambanani Friends work closely together with Dutch business.
And precisely these partners, give us that extra incentive and opportunity to continue the work we do in South-Africa. This way we can increase making the difference!

Johan Cruyff Foundation

“If you have the opportunity to do something for someone else, you should do it”– Johan Cruyff

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children all over the world, focusing on vulnerable children.

With sports projects for children with a disability, Cruyff Courts and Schoolyard14, the Cruyff Foundation gives these children the space to play sports and play. Space where they can develop, make friends and where they can improve their physical and mental health. An important basis. And that is exactly why the Friends of Bambanani are so happy with this collaboration!


When it comes to energy literally you have to be with Fudura, when it is figuratively about energy too! Fudura employees have been to South Africa several times and have successfully installed solar panel installations at Bambanani schools.

How cool… Contributing to the sustainability and improvement of energy management in these schools is part of a self-reliant future, without costs for energy. Good to know that a great team of Fudurians cares about our foundation and will continue to make a difference together with Bambanani in the coming years.

i-team Global

Cleaning is a profession, better cleaning requires well thought-out solutions and the right equipment. And developing cleaning equipment that leads to maximum water savings desires a special attitude. That is exactly what makes i-team Global special!

Also remarkable is the attention of i-team Global for the world in which they work. Through its Foundation WE-support, charities are supported, each of which makes a difference when it comes to people. Funding is brought together through so-called charity diners. As a proud member Bambanani develops and purchases food programs for her schools. Food for Food!


COMMITT3D is all about people. Making people better by working on physical and mental top form. And having an eye for his or her position in the team. Only then can you know predictably what you have in common.

The entrepreneurs behind COMMITT3D have been a fan and partner of the Friends of Bambanani for years. Every year, these entrepreneurs Bart Viguurs and Richard van den Broek roll up their sleeves in South Africa. As an important part of an expedition where the focus is based upon opening yourself up, discovering and making choices. Candidates return richer, more aware and more balanced. Nice to work with this ‘human’ partner within Bambanani.


The Friends of Bambanani cannot exist without funders, and that’s why the match is created with a toy giant is special. Toi-Toys supplies a huge range of toys in more than 40 countries in the world. Together we conducted research in South Africa, where toys were tested on their educational value for the Bambanani schools. Bath books, dolls, footballs, doctor sets, bungee elastics, cuddly toys and also the Big-5 animals are all examples of Toi-Toys products that successfully find their way to South Africa. Happy children playing and learning at the same time!

Also the footballs for the Bambanani Soccer League are donated by Toi-Toys International, for which we are very grateful! And very important to know, Toi Toys is committed to strict rules when it comes to the production of its products (BSCI Code of Conduct).


Dreaming without limits was the message from AFAS after an extensive introduction which led to the construction of the Hlayasani school in Matika Xikaya in South Africa. This way of looking at the world differently suits AFAS and its Foundation, it stems from the vision of its founders.

How cool to be so inspired, to feel a partnership and to work together to realize those dreams. In this way we make the world a bit more beautiful. AFAS inspires to do better. The Friends of Bambanani have experienced this for years and are proud of this partner!


The Friends of Bambanani and Correctbook have been working together since 2022. Writing must be made accessible to everyone in the world, and that is exactly what Correctbook is committed to. So also for children who live in areas that are difficult to reach. In this way we want to make writing material even more easily available in various African countries. What makes this adventure extra special? Sam’s dream and with it Correctbook’s mission began in South Africa!

Together can’t wait to help as many children as possible!