Disabled centers

Besides young children are mentally disabled a highly vulnerable group in South-Africa. Because they are often banished from the townships or ‘hidden’ are at home, Bambanani provides specialized day care and education. We do this through two centers: Phurulenke Ability Center in Mashishimale and Thabelang Disabled Center Makhushane.

Phurulenke Ability Center

Phurulenke was the first project of Bambanani for disabled people and under our wings since 2013. Here are all put great strides, but not yet reached the goal.

The current group of 23 learners and the education team led by Principal Grace Mashale have access to a brand new building with amenities, but also a vegetable garden, fruit trees, playground and Moringa plantation.

Hard work is needed in order to create a sustainable self-sufficient center, in which  a so called Grant (government subsidy) is very important.

Thabelang Disabled Center

The daycare provides a loving home to 56 physical examination and mental disabilities. Principal Malongani Mavis and her team do that now under relatively primitive conditions. There is so much to gain! Firstly, the current construction hard renovation and renewal. But the food and water supply, sanitation and vegetable garden attention, like education itself. In addition, it is much synergy as possible with Phurulenke; teams can fully learn from each other.

In short, a lot of challenges, but with the help of our loyal ambassadors should certainly succeed to also make a success of this project.

Our goal

  • Safe and healthy base
  • Self-sufficient
  • Reception and acceptance of disabled people
  • Strucutral local solution

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Knowledge & Special projects

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Accompany

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Material support

  • Outdoor design
  • Vegetable gardens and food tunnels
  • (Re)construction of school buildings
  • Water tanks
  • Clothing, toys and teaching materials

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Our approach

  • Safety
  • Nutrition & hygiene
  • Professionalism
  • Financial Independence
  • (Not just) let go

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