Soccer league

The Soccer League of part of the Bambanani program since May 2017 and is seen as an important 3rd basic need besides Education (ELC’s) and the Food program. With support of the Friends of Bambanani the Netherlands and The Bambanani Community Development Organization (BCDO) these programs are run since 2006 in the rural areas around Phalaborwa.

The purpose

The purpose of this program is to engage boys and girls in the age of 13 until 19 years old by playing soccer. The training and matches in a competition form makes sure that this group will be kept off the street during the evening and the during weekend. This avoids them from being busy with other bad behavior such as drugs and alcohol. In townships where daylight ends early, it is getting dark early and that is where some negative aspects of society come around.

The aim is to create league games in the different streams namely, Lulekani, Namakgale/Makhushane and Selwane. The league is intermitted with tournaments per quarter where winners and awards will be given. The league will be concluded at the end of the year with an Award ceremony which will recognize all the winners during the year.

Main objectives of this event includes:

  • To organize both, women and men into a soccer completion in different towns and townships
  • To inform, caution and motivate people to stay alive during the festive season,
  • To also motivate elderly people to keep exercising keep physically fit and healthy
  • To motivate the younger generation and to keep them entertained.
  • To train referees and coaches on the rules of engagement of the game
  • To have scouts and selectors visit the tournaments in the different streams


The Bambanani soccer league is focusing on children within the ages 9 years to 17 years. Participants include both boys and girls.



Expected beneficiaries includes direct beneficiaries who are the participants in the tournament, however the spectators are also beneficiaries in the messages which will be distributed during this time.

Number of teams which participates in the tournaments are:

  • Selwane 16 teams
  • Namakgale 17
  • Lulekani 16 teams

This gives the total number is 3.900 participants.

Each team has 4 different age groups which has 20 children per team per age group.

Our goal

  • Safe and healthy base
  • Self-sufficient
  • Reception and acceptance of disabled people
  • Strucutral local solution

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Knowledge & Special projects

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Accompany

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Material support

  • Outdoor design
  • Vegetable gardens and food tunnels
  • (Re)construction of school buildings
  • Water tanks
  • Clothing, toys and teaching materials

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Our approach

  • Safety
  • Nutrition & hygiene
  • Professionalism
  • Financial Independence
  • (Not just) let go

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