Update Covid19 in South Africa

Update Covid19 in South Africa

29 January 2022

If we look at the infection figures, South Africa scores a lot lower than the Netherlands. Officially, less than 6% of the 60 million South Africans are or have been infected with the corona virus.

When it comes to death rates, the picture is exactly the opposite. The chance of dying from a corona infection is much higher in South Africa than in the Netherlands. Most of the population is still unvaccinated. Even less positive is that the people in the townships are the last to be vaccinated. And that is why we do everything we can to ensure the safety of the Bambanani staff and the children in ‘our’ townships!

Fortunately, all schools are open again and all our education teams (almost 500 people) are fully vaccinated. As Friends of Bambanani, we ensure that all, but also all, protective equipment is available for schools that have little or no income. Medical mouth masks for our staff, mouth masks for the children, disinfectant, thermometers and gloves. A safe and healthy start to the new South African school year!


South-Africa Netherlands
Number inhabitants 60 mln 17,5 mln
Number Covid19- infections 3,6 mln 4,1 mln
Number death caused by Covid19 95.000 21.000
Number death in % of the number infections 2,65% 0,005%
Percentage of the population 18+ fully vaccinated 41,2% 86,2%


Source: Our World in Data, John Hopkins University