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Bambanani, Growing dreams

What if you do not know if you have something to eat in the morning? If you’re scared and you do not know what time your parents will be home? Then there’s little room for beautiful dreams of the future … And that’s exactly what we give them! That’s why: Bambanani, Growing dreams! A good start to a better life. Take a look at some of our beautiful projects below.

Some of our projects:

Above are dreams of South African children from the province of Limpopo, in the Phalaborwa region. They live in poor township like Mashishimale, Namakgale and Lulekani, where 63% of the population lives below the poverty line and 1 in 4 suffers from HIV-AIDS. The children hardly have access to food or clean water, there is a lack of good schools … In these circumstances, a future as a pilot or nurse seems far away. And that’s where Bambanani offers help; growing dreams. We do this by offering the most vulnerable children in these townships a safe and healthy day care.