Our goal

Safe & Healthy Base

Fortunately there are local volunteers who care about the fate of the 0 to 6 year olds in the townships. They try to close the gap left by the South African government with the launch of a Day Care Center. Children who go to a Day Care Center run less risk of malnutrition and abuse. They get more room to dream and better opportunities to make those dreams come true. The Friends of Bambanani wholeheartedly support initiatives thesis!


Bambanani helps the local initiators to make their Day Care Centers and the care for the disabled financially healthy step by step. We support this initiative with material support, knowledge and special projects. Meanwhile, the first 16 Day Care Centers are already on their own two feet. That means a structurally healthy and safe shelter for 1360 children directly. That makes us happy!

Reception and acceptance of disabled people

Many South Africans see disability as a punishment of God. Therefore, disabled people are rejected or ‘hidden’ at home. Their chances of a better future are close to zero. That is why Bambanani makes an effort to provide specialized day care and education for the disabled. And at the same time Bamabani is working on a better acceptance of this additional vulnerable group.

Structural local solution

The Friends of Bambanani do not help from charity, but from the conviction that this local structural problem requires a local solution. We do this by making ‘our’ Day Care Centers self-sufficient step by step. And by building a strong, local Non-Profit Organization (NPO). The local NPO named ‘Bambanani Community Development Organization’ follows developments in the field, takes action as soon as necessary and acts as the employer of all local stakeholders, like the field and construction coordinators.

Knowledge & Special projects

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Accompany

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Material support

  • Outdoor design
  • Vegetable gardens and food tunnels
  • (Re)construction of school buildings
  • Water tanks
  • Clothing, toys and teaching materials

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Our approach

  • Safety
  • Nutrition & hygiene
  • Professionalism
  • Financial Independence
  • (Not just) let go

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