Material support

Outdoors design

The safe and healthy base we want to offer the children starts with the design of the outdoor space. This includes a thorough cleaning of the grounds, solid fencing and safe play equipment. The healthier the children feel, the more intensively they use the playground equipment. It’s great to see how the healthy food in our schools is immediately converted into cheerful energy!

Vegetable garden and food tunnels

By growing their own vegetables, the school can providence Their pupils with a healthy meal. They are allowed to sell any surplus vegetables. To protect the crops from the bright sun, we build special food tunnels that will block bright sunlight through and the wind will go through. We also keep animals and many harmful insects at a distance. The crops in the food tunnel grow in special, water-efficient bags. As a result, water consumption will only be a quarter of the water used in the open ground farming. The vegetable gardens themselves grow spinach, tomatoes, leeks, pumpkins, onions, beetroot and carrots.


Water tanks

Water is not (easily) available everywhere in South-Africa. By building a water tank on the school grounds, schools have direct access to clean water. This is essential for good hygiene as well as for preparing food and watering the vegetable gardens. Moreover, this water supply makes it possible to replace the unhygienic ‘long drops’ with flushing toilets.

(Re)construction of school building

The original buildings are almost always too small and not insulated against heat and cold. Doors and windows are missing or at and the roof is leaking. An important part of our funding is intended to improve, expand and, where necessary, renovate the school buildings. We make sure that they meet the specific criteria of the Social Development Department to be eligible for a structural subsidy. This means That the school has at least two classrooms, flushing toilets, a kitchen and an infirmary.

Clothing, toys and teaching materials

Hats and sweaters. Jumping ropes, cuddles and soccer balls. Balloons, tripe and paper. Throughout the year we get a lot of clothing, toys and teaching materials from our Friends of Bambanani overseas. It’s always a great feeling to hand out these things at the schools!

Our goal

  • Safe and healthy base
  • Self-sufficient
  • Reception and acceptance of disabled people
  • Strucutral local solution

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Knowledge & Special projects

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Accompany

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Our approach

  • Safety
  • Nutrition & hygiene
  • Professionalism
  • Financial Independence
  • (Not just) let go

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