Bambanani Emergency Fund – Update

Bambanani Emergency Fund – Update

11 August 2020

Over a month ago, Bambanani started a new campaign for their emergency fund. In short, 2 children are provided with food for 10 weeks for 12 euros. After one month, it is time to take a quick look back and share an update with you. Many individuals, but also the businesess, municipalities and Wild Goose have donated generously! How nice it is to experience your tremendous support when it comes to emergency food..


The first results

The emergency fund campaign raised nearly 15,000 euros in one month time, wow?! And better, a gigantic group of children is already benefiting from the emergency food. At a time when South Africa is going through what is believed to be the highest peak of Corona infections and at the same time when we literally lost the first teachers to this disease, it feels great to provide ‘our’ Bambanani children with emergency food. The action is ongoing. The more children we can help, the better. But one thing is certain; we are very happy with all the results so far.


Reopening of schools in South Africa

Despite the peak now prevailing, schools are expected to open earlier. The government wanted to open the schools already earlier. However, we at Bambanani have decided to
delay the opening of the Bambanani schools. It would be illogical to open the schools for one week and then close them for another four weeks due to the holiday period.

We are currently busy sourcing extra protective materials such as face masks, disinfectants, sanitizers and overalls. Each school has to be inspected before opening by Social Development for the presence of these materials and may only reopen after approval.

If there is no money for food, the financial problem also arises when it comes to the other covid-19 measures that must be provided for. This is payable for the schools that now receive support from the government, but unfortunately it is a major problem for the remaining schools. Fortunately, the income from the Bambanani Emergency Fund is high
enough to cover these costs. This allows us to open all Bambanani schools with confidence when this is allowed again.


The emergency fund action is ongoing!

Despite the fact that a great amount has already been donated, the fundraiser is still running. Much help and therefore money is still needed to be able to provide the children and schools with emergency food and / or mandatory materials. In short the action:

For 12 euros you can feed 2 children for 10 weeks. How can you donate?

  1. Go to the page on this website
  2. Transfer € 12, – quoting the Bambanani Emergency Fund

This will provide 2 children with food for 10 weeks. Good to know; Wild Goose helps Bambanani with this action and for every 2 children we support, they will donate food for an extra child. So you actually help 3 children for your support.


On behalf of the children of Bambanani, Baie Dankie!