Update Bambanani Education Center & Home Base

Update Bambanani Education Center & Home Base

18 October 2020

For fifteen years the Friends of Bambanani have been committed to the most vulnerable youth in South African townships. And with success! We now offer almost 5,000 children safe day care and thus a future perspective. With the construction of the Bambanani Education Center & Home Base, we will soon be even better able to sustainably anchor and further expand this success.

The Education Center will be the central home for our local Bambanani team. As an officially accredited trainer, we will soon provide ECD training for our teachers and trainers and train our cooks and gardeners from our own location. This professionalization is incredibly important to realize our mission; sustainable self-reliance of the Bambanani Child Centers.

In addition to classrooms, the new training center offers space for storage. A storage room for teaching materials, but also a room for the food program. On top of that facilities will be provided to accommodate two volunteers.

The Education Center is established in close collaboration with the AFAS Foundation and our Bambanani team in South Africa. Namakgale, the largest township where Bambanani is active, has been chosen as the location. An important advantage of this location is its central location, making the center easily accessible.

Our team in South Africa hopes to complete the Bambanani Education Center & Home Base by the end of December. That would be a very welcome and positive end to the year!

We will keep you informed of the progress.