Roof blown away, rainy season on the way

Roof blown away, rainy season on the way

14 November 2020

Imagine this happens to you…

Everything ready to open again after the lockdown and then the storm takes your roof with it. It happened to Kokwane ELC. A huge setback, especially now that the rainy season is approaching!

In the short term, a 'quick fix' would be the fastest and most affordable solution. But the question is whether that is the best solution. The roof has completely blown off the building and is therefore seriously broken. In primitive school buildings such as Kokwane’s, the quality of the building itself often leaves much to be desired. A blown roof usually causes a lot of additional damage to the outer walls. Before you know it, you will be renovating half a school. A difficult choice. Serious renovation or new construction is not budgeted. At the same time, we don’t want to leave the school team and the children out in the cold, they are already having a hard time.

At our request, our trusted contractor Sam has recorded the damage and is currently working out a repair proposal.

To be continued!