Ringetani school repaired after the storm

Ringetani school repaired after the storm

21 March 2021

The damage has been repaired, Ringetani has a roof again. And because we were busy anyway, we immediately made a number of constructive adjustments. Bring on the next storm, Ringetani is ready!

The photo clearly shows that we used long beams for the new roof, which go through the wall. This has two advantages. It makes the construction stronger and the drainage is better regulated. In addition to the exterior work, we have also improved the inside of the building.

The walls are now smoothly plastered, so that the children no longer hurt themselves with the earlier sharp edges of the masonry.

Finally, we tackled the plumbing. This week we are putting the finishing touches on a so- called ‘pit toilet’, so that the children can now use a real toilet. A lot more hygienic than the former hole in the ground!

Sometime, a huge storm can be an advantage…