Studio Viscom is committed to Bambanani

Studio Viscom is committed to Bambanani

19 May 2021

‘In the Netherlands there is a lot of attention for equal opportunities and disadvantages in education. And in this time I understand that completely’, says Joyce Blommensteijn of Studio Viscom.

She continues: ‘Yet I am also very grateful for the good basis we have here. In the past year almost every child in the Netherlands has also been educated and has been given the means to keep in touch with each other. And I am especially grateful for all the beautiful people I meet. How they dedicate themselves with heart and soul to the education and development of our children. A nice luxury’.

Studio Viscom is happy to share a piece of this luxury with the children in South Africa. They do this by sharing € 0.35 of each Viscom school guide calendar sold with Friends of Bambanani. ‘Thanks to the financial contribution, the teachers there can also guide the children with heart and soul and we give them a chance to make their dreams come true’, Joyce concludes.

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