Johan Cruyff Court for Thabelang Disabled Center

Johan Cruyff Court for Thabelang Disabled Center

18 October 2020

Finally! We are about to fulfill a long-cherished wish. In 2021, a Johan Cruyff Court will be built on the grounds of the Thabelang Disabled Center in Namakgale. Wonderful news for the Bambanani kids, the soccer players of the Bambanani Soccer League and the learners of the Thabelang Disabled Center.

As Friends of Bambanani, we believe in the triangle of healthy food, education and exercise as important pillars for a happy future. The Johan Cruyff Court will make a tremendous contribution to this. Not only for the Bambanani kids, but certainly also for the learners of Thabelang.

The Thabelang Disabled Center encourages people with disabilities to develop their talents and possibilities. Moving and playing together is incredibly important in this regard. We take this into account during construction. This makes the JC Court wheelchair-friendly, among other things. In short; a multifunctional sports facility for a large, diverse group of people who would like to exercise and will soon be able to do so in a safe environment. The plans are already at an advanced stage. This means that the fundraising is ongoing and the land is available. The outlook gives everyone involved a brilliant perspective!

In 2021 a dream will be realized for many …