Voedselprogramma 'de Tientjeskring'

Children are still dying of malnutrition. How nice would it be if we could ban this disease from ‘our’ schools! For an average of € 750 per year, all children at a school Bambanani can eat varied and healthy food for a year. For individual donors quite a lot of money. But if we would set up circles of donors, with everyone donating € 10 a month … Then it would only take six people to providence food for an entire school. Do you embrace this initiative? Then start your own Food circle together with your family, colleagues, friends, neighbors or sports team.

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Some of our projects:

ELC Boikhutso

New Project Phase 1 school (fencing, running water and sewerage present): development of a new building, in accordance with the criteria for eligibility for a structural Grant. Size: school with classroom, kitchen with pantry and toilet block. Costs: 418,000 ZAR = € 27 865.

ELC Cornetty

Project Play Tool: a playground equipment Consisting of swings, a slide, a climbing device and a cabin. Let the kids play outside of this school nice and safe. Costs: 20,000 ZAR = € 1.330.

ELC Mpenyani

Project Food: sufficient, healthy food for one year for all children of the school, in accordance with the balanced two-week menu. Costs: 10,000 ZAR = € 667 (ingredients).


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