Fudura auction proceeds well spent!

Fudura auction proceeds well spent!

29 April 2021

What a party on December 8 last year. A very successful auction for and by the employees of Fudura, with the Friends of Bambanani as the charity. Nice to be part of such a group of people who have fun together, work, bid against each other and bring in all kinds of auction
items themselves. All kinds of things passed by. Cooking on location, photography and sushi workshops, trendy socks, a homemade cake; too many to mention!

A total of € 7,000 was raised. A wonderful contribution to a number of projects that we hope to realize this year. First of all, it is cool to say that Bambanani is actually going to build her 2nd disabled center, Thabelang. This location is very suitable for installing solar panels and is
on the project list where Fudura colleagues can work during their next trip to South-Africa.

Thanks to the auction proceeds, we can now also drill a water borehole at Thabelang. That’s great news! Having your own water supply is a huge leap towards self-reliance. Naturally, we connect the water pump to the solar panel installation.

Finally, we used the Fudura donation to repair the storm damage (and more!) at the Ringetani school.

Baie dankie Fudura!