Construction of the Education Center is progressing slowly but steadily.

Construction of the Education Center is progressing slowly but steadily.

29 January 2021

Completion was planned for the end of 2020. Unfortunately, Corona also has an impact on the construction of our all-important Education Center & Homebase. Here is a glimpse into the bumps we encounter along the way. These are challenging times!

First of all, we had to lobby a lot to get a suitable plot of land. We exchanged the original construction site for a place closer to the Lekang school. This school is doing well and serves as an example for the other Bambanani schools. By building the training center close to this school, there is a nice link between theory and practice.

Assuming that everything was properly arranged, the foundation was poured. Unfortunately, the permit turned out not to be in order yet. So construction was stopped and we renegotiated with Phalaborwa Municipality. Not much later, the municipality went into lockdown and the process was completely stopped. After months of intensive lobbying and chasing, we still managed to obtain the correct documents. Construction was immediately started energetically. After the foundation and the floor we could start on the walls. But then the next bump presented itself. The supply of bricks stopped under the influence of Corona. This hurdle has now also been cleared. After a long wait, the bricks are in and the masonry is in full swing. The end is not yet in sight, as South Africa is currently being ravaged by heavy rain showers. Last weekend no less than 90 mm of water fell! The inconvenience is great, so we are now taking a break to let everything dry. Despite these setbacks, we are steadily working on the realization of our dream; a better perspective for the youngest youth of South Africa. The day will come sometime in 2021 when the Bambanani Education Center will actually be put into use.

Last but not least, a big compliment to the AFAS Foundation with whom we realize this project together. They too continue to believe in our common dream to make the world a bit more beautiful.